Xfiles Sm




Everyone by now has probably heard of or seen the debut of the new X-Files on Fox January 24th, 2016. An absolutely fantastic return of Scully and Mulder, the key characters of the series. Yes, they’ve aged a bit, Scully as beautiful as ever and Mulder, a few extra wrinkles but still on the ball. Wait until you see what’s really going on, especially after watching all those seasons in the past to a build up and then finding out different. If you didn’t see this episode you need to find it online or check out a re-run and watch it. But the reason I bring this up in my blog is that back in 1995 I had done a painting, or collage if you will of the show and thought it would be a good time to rehash the series myself. They are much younger in my painting and this was back when I actually did traditional paintings with an airbrush, way before the digital age for me. A whole different set of tools created this piece including, assorted airbrushes, acrylic and watercolor paint, frisk (for those that haven’t a clue what that is, it’s a transparent, stick-on material that allowed me to airbrush portions of my painting to protect sections that I didn’t want painted), x-acto knives (an assortment), large cold-press illustration board, face masks, room ventilators, plenty of water and expensive brushes and standing on my feet pretty much the entire time creating it! Not to mention assorted colors of paint splashed on the walls or spilled on the floor of my studio! That was back in the day when I could still see the fine needle on my Paasche Turbo airbrush (the flagship of my airbrush collection). If anyone knows anything about airbrushes they would know that the little needle on that airbrush needed to be bent in two different directions to fit that particular airbrush, making each airbrush pretty much unique. Now, I’m lucky I could find the needle if it fell on the floor. Hence, one of the reasons why I enjoy digital so much today! I still airbrush but I don’t have to worry about that darn needle anymore and there is zero mess! Oh, and I can sit down doing it! There are times that I have the urge to pick up an airbrush again but then I think about that needle and quickly rush back to my Wacom tablet. I hope you enjoyed viewing this piece as much as I did creating it. Though my style has somewhat changed since then (as most Artists hope they have improved with time) I hope to someday do another X-Files painting to honor the cast and Mr. Carter.