Wizard Of Oz, Munchkins, Great Niece, Yellow Brick Road, Digital Painting
The Lollipop Guild

“The Lollipop Guild”

wizard of oz, munchkins, great niece, yellow brick road, digital painting

The Lollipop Guild

niece, great niece, baby clothes, posing, humor, fun, adorable

Great Niece Gracie

Needless to say, I’m a bit late this month in posting new work but I had my reasons. This particular piece was finished late April, early May but was entered in an international art competition with the winners being announced on May 23. So I wanted to wait until final judgments were made and the winners were announced. Don’t get excited, I didn’t even come close, shy of acknowledgements from the contest managers thanking me for entering. After reviewing my competition’s work I couldn’t have been more humbled by the beautiful work and talent out there in the world. My hat is off to the winners!

My inspiration for this piece goes beyond the competition, though. One day last month my wife showed me photos from her Facebook account that were just posted from family members. In the stack of images was one photo that jumped out at me. It was a photo of my great niece posing in a new outfit she had just received, one of many actually, but this photo added a little more personality to it as you can see in the painting. I’ve included the photo here to show you how I incorporated it into my painting. First thought upon viewing the photo I envisioned her side by side with the three Munchkins from the Lollipop Guild in the original movie, “The Wizard of Oz” from 1939. I could just see her fitting right in with the attitudes portrayed from the other members of the guild as they were singing to Dorothy. Of course I added a bit more clothing to my niece, Gracie so that she would blend right in with the other Munchkins, and lets not forget the lollipop!

This painting was done in Photoshop and took me about a week or so to complete. Of course I was doing it in between other paid projects so it really didn’t take a full week to complete. Our family got a charge out of seeing Gracie up in lights and famous and I think that was my original intention past the fact that certain photos have a tendency to inspire me to be creative in this way. And one thing led to another as this fit the requirements for the art competition that I later entered it in. Timing couldn’t have been better. Now, I release it to you for your enjoyment, and this month’s blog and post.

Not sure yet what to post for June but I have an idea and we’ll see if that comes to fruition over the next few weeks. On another totally different subject I’m having a few “behind the scenes” changes to the website so that I can set up a small store and shopping cart to sell some of my prints. If you haven’t already noticed in the title bar of the homepage, or any other page for that matter, I have included a new SSL certificate to the site. This will allow safe and secure browsing now and transactions later when the store is up and running. You can notice the security by seeing the “s” in the address bar right after “http”. The “s” indicates a secure and safe site to browse and purchase from. So I will keep you posted when the store is up and running and I look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. Stay well.