Summer Drinks

Summer Drinks


While digging through those hard drives again I came across another wonderful piece, though you will find it in my portrait’s portfolio. When I spotted it during one of my late night work sessions it brought back many memories. I captured this setting during one of our family’s Summer get togethers where the kids were out on the lawn playing volleyball, family members who only get together once or twice a year because of distances are striking up conversations and these two are just sitting back enjoying their cool Summer drinks taking it all in without saying a word. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. These two fine gentlemen are my wife’s Father and Uncle, though no longer with us, this charcoal portrait I did stirred many memories of those fun times. I can remember everything about that day from the weather to what they were drinking. Most people have these moments with family, whether a Summer get together or around the table for a holiday meal or a vacation. If you can capture that moment on film or in my case, charcoal pencil on 12 x 18 inch charcoal paper then they will always remain for years until you happen to be flipping through that album or hard drive, and there they are again. This was done back in the 90’s when I was doing quite a few portraits. Charcoals were my big seller and most affordable.

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