Star Wars ILM
Digital art done for competition

Star Wars concept art

Star Wars ILM

Digital art for competition

Wow! Two months have gone by with no new posts! My fault, goofing off over the Summer I guess. During the month of June, I entered in an art competition given by Industrial Light And Magic and ArtStation and the theme was Star Wars. It was a three-phase process of which I only made it through the first phase. The concept art was to be based on the first three Star War’s movies and a “selective emotional moment” in the films. I chose a moment in the first movie where Princess Leia’s planet was destroyed by the Empire in front of her eyes. First thought I had was the moment where Luke found out that Darth Vader was his Father, but I think everyone may have used that one. There were well over three thousand entries and I guess mine didn’t make it past first base. The original piece was 12″ x 18″ and done in Photoshop. But it was fun to do and I hadn’t done any Star Wars art in a long time so I enjoyed it immensely.