Political Cartoon
political cartoon

Residency Issues…

I picked up this one on the news one day and it reminded me of all the controversy over the years with Obama’s residency issues over his right to be President of our country. I have still yet to hear whether there was any truth in it either way! No matter, once I have a thought in mind it usually develops into a full blown rendering and Senator Landrieu just joined the “residency club”, as far as whether she is eligible or not, who knows. If Hillary can be Senator in New York when she really wasn’t from there originally, what the heck!

political cartoon

political cartoon

This illustration was done initially in Manga Studio from pencils to inks then brought into Photoshop for coloring and finalization.  For some reason I had to throw Reid and Pelosi into the mix, seems fitting! What ever side of the fence you sit on, I hope you enjoy it.

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