Trump Takes Out Trash Web


This month went fast, and as usual, I’m posting last minute. I did this caricature just after the Presidential inauguration in January and finally got around to post it. But the main reason for this month’s blog is to let everyone know that I now have prints available for sale, though not in my own store. I have set a new profile up here:  basically to get my presence out in the virtual world even further. But this gives me the opportunity to sell my work with a simple one-click purchase option via Paypal. This site is new, and with “new” comes a few glitches that will hopefully be corrected down the road. One, in particular, is for any purchase you are only able to buy just one item at a time. The creators of the site tell me that the ability to have a shopping cart and purchase of more than one item is coming in a month or so. I’ll let everyone know as soon as that is corrected. The site was much easier to set up than a store on my website and the link to Paypal was much easier. And the advantage to this site is that it promotes my ability to connect with potential clients much easier. So, that’s it for this month, hope you had a great holiday weekend and enjoy the coming Summer.

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