A Day's Reflection
A Day's Reflection

Portrait Commission

A Day's Reflection

A Day’s Reflection


     This month’s post is a portrait of a local resident of Warrensburg, N.Y. in his full color re-enactment uniform. This gentleman is a tour guide for the Fort William Henry Museum located in beautiful Lake George, N.Y. The theme of the painting is “A Day’s Reflection” which was inspired by the client wanting to see himself reflecting on the day’s events in late afternoon after a long day in the field near the soldier’s barracks inside the Fort. I took several photos of the client in uniform as well as objects such as his pipe to include for reference before beginning the painting. The actual Fort was rebuilt using today’s “log home kit” standards which employ flat logs stacked on top of each other surrounding an actual wood frame structure, none of which existed back in the day. So I researched various species of trees in the area and chose a local red pine variety to use as the actual logs. Having built my own log home from scratch with white pine logs utilizing a Canadian chinkless technique, I decided to apply the same appearance to the logs in the painting. The client did mention that chinking was used during that time so I did add it for effect. The Fort today is finished with very dark stain, I chose to leave the finished logs in the painting natural and untouched showing more age and actual wood appearance that would have been seen back then. I’ve included one reference photo to show the difference between the two. This painting was completely done in Photoshop, from rough sketches to signature. Several close up photos were used as reference for small details such as buttons and fabric stitching. The actual finished giclee print is 16″ x 20″ in size and was printed by Visual Winds Studios located in Schenectady, N.Y. I have used their services several times over the years for such projects, as I can only print up to 11″ x 14″ in studio. They printed the image on a textured InteliCoat Verona HD paper which brought out the texture I was looking for in the wool clothing. For your information the client creates and stitches his own clothing for himself and others in his profession. He is very particular in producing the detail in his uniforms to match the time period exactly. I tried to honor that same principle in the creation of this painting.

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