Action Adventure, First Shot, National Security Agency, Olivia Jordan, Revolution, Secret Agent, Spies, Trace Hunter
#2 book in the Olivia Jordan trilogy series

Next book cover in the trilogy

action adventure, first shot, national security agency, olivia jordan, revolution, secret agent, spies, trace hunter

#2 book in the Olivia Jordan trilogy series

Hope everyone out there is having a great Halloween and not eating too much candy (actually, there is never enough!) This month’s post is the cover done for Trace Hunter’s second book in the Olivia Jordan trilogy series. The story is still in the writing stage, though I will post a note to all my subscribers when it will be available once the author notifies me. You can visit his site here: website . I hear he has a radio interview coming up sometime in January of 2017. I’ll make sure to post the details when I get them. Hope you enjoy the art and the book when it becomes available.