Action Adventure, Olivia Jordan, Trace Humter, Book Cover, Illustration, Trilogy
Revolution First Shot

New Book Cover Illustration

action adventure, Olivia Jordan, Trace Humter, book cover, illustration, trilogy

Revolution First Shot

This month’s post is the cover art for the first book in a trilogy written by Trace Hunter. I have done several covers for this author and this book will be available sometime before the end of October. The author’s first three books with the same main character, Olivia Jordan, an NSA agent, are available from several ebook suppliers, including Amazon here. I have several more scheduled cover illustrations due for this author who has many other titles that can be viewed on his website here. If you are into action/adventure, science fiction, time travel or just enjoy an edge of your seat feeling when you read, then these books aim to satisfy. I will be posting more cover art as they are completed in my blog and portfolio. If you get a chance head over to the author’s site and check it out. See you next month.