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Kick the Can

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Kick the Can

Kick the Can

Though I did this illustration back in June of this year I just had to add it to my blog, only because it fits very well no matter what time of the year, or election it is. This stagnant atmosphere of our law makers has been with us for over six years now and the way Congress is going it will be with us for another six. If not our debt, it will be something else. Now that midterms are over lets see if this illustration shows what the next two years will be like, or not!

My standard procedure for this style illustration is to do my pencils and inks in Manga Studio then bring it into Photoshop for color and finishing. I really like the way Manga Studio has developed their ink brushes, almost as close to the real thing. A small story to this illustration that I have to mention. I gave a copy of the illustration to a friend who hung it in an office waiting room where lucky as it were, Senator “Chuck” Schumer of New York was doing a public presentation for some political gain. Apparently his office sent an “advance team” of people to the office prior to his arrival that day to make sure nothing derogatory was visible to the cameras for the Senator’s presentation. Well, low and behold the entire team missed the small 8×10 inch illustration hanging on the wall! From what I was told “Chuck” sat right across from the illustration and spotted it and got up to get a better look. Apparently nothing was said except for one of his assistants who mentioned to him that at least HE was not in it! You have to admit, it was classic!


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