Happy Customer

Digital Caricatures

happy customer    Had a great time this Summer doing caricatures for visiting guests at the Fort William Henry Museum in scenic Lake George, New York. This was the first year doing my caricatures digitally. What a wonderful change, both for me and the customers! I decided this year to invest in a new Wacom Companion 2 tablet which combines both computer and tablet into one allowing me to work effortlessly at the satisfaction of my customers. Drawing digitally allowed me to offer not only a quick full color caricature but with background templates made in advance, allowed me to offer more choices as well. Some guests wanted their caricatures done in a scenic Lake George setting while others insisted on the full uniform and accessories traditional to the Fort William Henry atmosphere. And some just wanted their caricature done, no frills! With scenes already saved on file all I had to do was the actual caricature and enjoy the time conversing with the guests. I have been doing caricatures for many years traditionally but this was the first year that I was able to offer so much in so little time, and color to boot! I met some really outstanding people, both employees of the museum and guests from all over the world. I also had a much needed opportunity to brush up on my history of that time period from the very well educated and knowledgeable tour guides at the Fort. One of which was also an excellent chef that prepared a traditional meal every week for the employees and cooked it according to the ways of that time period right there at the Fort. I really looked forward to those Saturdays every week! I posted a few of the caricatures in the “Caricatures Portfolio“, if you get a chance have a look.