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A New Children’s book!

iggies dogs


Though this children’s book, written by Kristin Anderson was published last year I had yet to post it, as my new website was not up and running officially. And even though my website and blog need much more design attention I felt it was time to let the people in my little world know about Kristin’s wonderful book. We worked together on this project in the Spring/Summer of 2014 and it was one of the most enjoyable projects I have had in a long time. Kristin was a pleasure to work with, one of the most easy going people I have known and one of the easiest to please in regards to the artwork for her book. For some reason we “clicked” from the start and the story and artwork just flowed onto the pages. Kristin was one of those authors that could describe each scene perfectly for me which made the initial drafts and revisions easy and quick. Kristin was looking for a more realistic style in the artwork and I really enjoyed that the most so the project went pretty quick. This book is a must have for children who love dogs and enjoy the mischief that they get into. Kristin is presently working on her second book and I will be happy to post notice when that becomes available. For now anyone interested in learning more about “Find Those Iggies” and would like to purchase a copy just click on the title and the link will take you directly to