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“White House Tour”


I was digging through some old files in one of many external hard drives looking for a particular illustration and came across this piece written by Connor Bradley and illustrated by me a few years ago. Since my satire portfolio is presently small I thought I would add to it as I found this strip a bit comical. As I recall the white house was having a problem with information leaks at the time and there would be a news snippet every day of something leaking out that the public wasn’t suppose to hear. Connor hit it right on the nose with his strip and I found the facial expressions of President Obama in this one right on the money! There is so much material to work with from the political arena that I never run out of ideas and concepts to bring a bit of humor to the situation. If time allows I would really like to offer one or two of these illustrations a month to my posts. I again did this illustration completely in Manga Studio software as I do with most of my comic book style artwork. There are times that I will finish them off in Photoshop because of certain software tools but I’m finding I can do most of my work in Manga Studio now and enjoying it immensely. I plan to post more frequently this Fall and Winter with combinations of new work and some of my older stuff that has been buried in my computer and forgotten. I promise to mix mediums and genre as memory permits. Thanks again for your continued interest.

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